How to repair broken MS Office files
including formating and figures

Sometimes, when you have bad luck, programs from Microsoft Office cannot open previously saved files and reports the file is damaged. This does not hapen too often, but still it is very anoying and even frequent document saving does not help.

Standard tools for reparing MS Office files are not able to restore the files completely and only unformated text without figures and lots of unwanted symbols is obtained. Thus the restore is only partly useful and if the text was pretty formated with lots of figures it is has to be created practilaly again from the begining.

I have found a program that can restore damaged MS Office files with formating and figures including new file format of MS Office 2007. This program is not intended to be a repair tool. It is the OpenOffice! You just open the damaged file in the OpenOffice and save it. The saved file is repaired and can be opened in the MS Office.

The authors of the OpenOffice made the compatibilty of MS Office file formats so well, that it is more compatible than the original MS Office itself!


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