Damaged AVR Dragon Repair
Partially reverse engineered schematic of Atmel AVR Dragon

I spent a weekend trying to repair my damaged AVR Dragon. I made its partial reverse engineered schematics. Here I present what I found.
Finally I gave it up. But the result can be helpful for somebody more eager than me.
The original Visio file is available here: reverse-schema-web.vsd

References to other sites about Dragon repair:

If you make some progress please let me know.



Date: 24/01/2014 15:09   Author: SergiOne   (ip:
Subject: Thanks

Date: 24/01/2014 15:11   Author: SergiOne   (ip:
Subject: A little detail
On my version of AvrDragon the resistor 39K close to the pins 4,6 of ISP connector seems swapped.

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