measuring and recording of physical quantities to the SD-Card

Datalogger is a measuring and recording device to the SD-Card. Typical recorder quantities are voltage, current, temperature, pH, force, pressure. Currently there are two devices working.

Industrial DataLogger System9

Datalogger is a device recording voltage 0-26V and temperature 10-350°C from termocouples. Measured signals are connected through connectors. Measured data are transfered to the PC using standard SD-Card reader and loaded to Excel for further processing.

Datalogger System9

Block diagram of the DataLogger

Block diagram of the DataLogger

Miniature scientific DataLogger

A tiny autonomous device for measuring high temperatures in ten locations 2000 times per second and storing the data on the SD-Card.

This device is developed for recording temperature variations during experimental plasma coating. DataLogger is placed together with rotating samples in the plasma chamber and cooled by water.

After the measurements, the recorded data are loaded from the SD-Card to the computer by a special software into the CSV file format.

Block schematics of the DataLogger

Block schematics of the DataLogger

Parameters of the digital part:

Resolution: 10 bit
Number of inputs: 8
Voltage range: 0-2.54V without amplifiers
Sampling rate: 2000 samples per second for all 8 inputs in parallel
Storage medium: standard (non HD) SD-Card up to 2GB
Record density: 102 samples per kilobyte
Recording duration: 29 hours per GB
Control: Start/Stop buttons or signals for external time synchronization
Power source: 3.3V
Dimension of PCB: a circle of diameter 53mm and height 10mm including components and inserted SD-Card

I am the author of the circuit and firmware of the digital part. The author of the analogue part is Ondřej Kovařík, who also realized the final device.



The aim of this web page is to present the DataLogger and also to announce an offer the device or its particular components as presented or customized according to customers needs.

We offer measurement and record of the following quanitites: All ionput signals can be optionally galvanicaly isolated.

For more information send me a mail.



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Hello! I from Russia. And I doing curs.project of Thema DataLogger. Do you have circuit and another?

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